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Apicoectomy - Sedation Dentistry


You've already had a nonsurgical root canal treatment, but that same tooth is giving you problems again.  This time your dentist suggests a different dental procedure.  An apicoectomy.


Here are some answers to questions you may have if an apicoectomy is in your future.



Our teeth are held in place by roots that extend into our jawbone.  An apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure that removes the apex or very tip of the tooth's root.



An apicoectomy, also know as root end surgery, might be necessary if an infection develops or continues after a root canal.  If this is suggested for you, it means your tooth cannot be saved by conventional root canal treatment.  Often, the only alternative to an apicoectomy is removing the tooth, which could affect adjacent teeth that are healthy.  The purpose is to preserve the function of your natural tooth.



First, local anesthesia is used to make you comfortable.  We also provide Sedation Dentistry (see below) as an option.  During the treatment, an incision is made in the gum near the tooth to expose and get rid of any inflamed or infected tissue.  Your endodontist will remove the tip of the tooth's root.  The end of the root canal is sealed with a small filling.  A few stiches are used to close the gum tissue.  The bone heals around the end of the root over the next few months.



Many patients are able to continue normal activities the next day.  You may experience discomfort and swelling as you heal.  Please follow the post-operative instructions, including diet and brushing advice, given by your endodontist.  Call our office immediately if your pain doesn't respond to medication or recovery instructions.


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Are you afraid of going to the Dentist? 

Do you avoid dental treatments you need? 

Do the sights and sounds of a Dental Office bother you?  


Relax with Sedation Dentistry

Now you can receive the dental treatments you need with comfort and care-free bliss.  Dr. Forbes is certified in Oral and IV conscious sedation.  Your visit to our office will be a comfortable and pleasant experience without all the anxiety and fear you used to feel.  Let us provide you with the dental treatments you need in a relaxed manner you never thought possible.  Sedation Dentistry is EXTREMELY safe when carried out under the supervision of a specially trained dental professional such as Dr. Forbes.


Advantages of Oral Sedation

- Easy to administer:  Just swallow a pill

- Safe and easy to monitor

- Works well for most people

- Low Cost


Advantages of IV Sedation

- More Effective than oral sedation

- Rapid and more reliable form of sedation

- Deeper level of sedation yet safe and effective

- Most patients don't remember the procedure

- Suitable for patients with a greater level of fear of dental procedures


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