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Here's what members of our community are saying about Forbes Endodontics...

July 2023 at the age of 64, I experienced my first root canal procedure. My dentist recommended I visit Dr. Garland Forbes. I entered his office with pain in a back molar tooth and left pain free. Dr. Forbes and his team work like a well oiled engine. From beginning to end I sat in the chair for 90 minutes. For two weeks later I experienced no pain or discomfort until I had a permanent crown installed. I highly recommend Dr. Forbes for his years of knowledge and experience.

Tim W.

I was completely satisfied with the service I received at Dr. Forbes office. I found Dr. Forbes to be professional, kind, understanding, thoughtful and gentle.  Before the procedure I received 2 injections which i barely felt , he was so gentle. During the procedure he checked on me numerous times to make sure I was fine and pain free. 

Thank you all for making a difficult procedure more tolerating, all your kindness will always be remembered. I would suggest your office to any one who needed a procedure of root canal. I consider myself lucky to ever met all of you.

Thank you,

Margaret G

I commend Dr. Forbes for his great work in saving a lower back tooth from extraction. Initially the tooth was sensitive and painful and a root canal was performed on that tooth about three years go by my regular dentist. He recommended that I visit Dr. Forbes. After checkin the tooth and X-rays, Dr. Forbes advised that a deeper root canal would be necessary to correct my problem. I was apprehensive about having this done a second time but all was successful thanks to a caring Dr. Forbes and his staff. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Forbes.


John D.

Thank you Dr. Forbes and staff!  I never thought I would be thankful for a root canal, but not only am I pain free but I was able to save my bridge.  I highly recommend Dr. Forbes

Eva B.



Fantastic professional, gentle and gracious manner.  I had only fear from past root canal experiences but felt no pain and no need for any pain meds afterwards.  I highly recommend Dr. Forbes professional services.


Thank you Dr. Forbes for saving my teeth!!

Bette B.

My root canal went smoothly; some discomfort but bearable and well worth it to get rid of a toothache.  Whole procedure only took about 40 minutes.  Dr. Forbes is a skilled and caring doctor.

Richard W.


I was referred to Dr. Forbes for a root canal.  He and his staff did a fine job an are very caring with wonderful personalities.

Thank you so much.  

Laurie W.

When I first went to Dr Forbes for corrective work on two front root canals, I was very stressed about the numbing process. Surprisingly, he jiggles my upper lip and injected both areas and I felt nothing. He corrected what needed to be done. Yea, there was a lot of pressure but really no pain. I iced the swelling and all is well after one week. His staff was wonderful and very caring. Thank you, Dr Forbes and staff.

Arline B.

I was very pleased with my root canal procedure. Everyone in the office was very nice.
Dr Forbes is great!

Agnes S.

Considering the circumstances,an over-all outstanding (beyond Excellent) experience.
Dr. Forbes is a very experienced, knowledgeable, and caring practitioner. He was very good at
explaining the procedure and immediately put me at ease. Procedure was basically PAINLESS
during and after the Root Canal and recovery period was short. Dental tech and office staff
were wonderful! I rate this office and Dr. Forbs 15 on a scale of 10. Thank you!

Dominick P

I don’t know of anyone who likes to go to the dentist. But if you have to go I
recommend Dr. Forbes who will make your visit less stressful. He has a way to put you at ease
and has a good sense of humor as well. And, did I mention that his staff is great too.

David P

Dr. Forbes was very gentle when he did my root canal. I didn't feel a thing, not even
when he gave me the shot. I would come back again and again.

Karen D

When I walked in I was extremely nervous but the girl that greeted me was so friendly
and calm that I immediately felt calmer. All the staff was terrific! But meeting the Doctor was so
assuring to me that I was in good hands. The day of the procedure, Doctor and the
anesthesiologist were just wonderful- didn't feel a thing- If I would need Forbes, I would
definitely use this doctor again.

Frances S

I had a double root canal procedure from Dr. Forbes. From beginning to end, I did not
experience any discomfort or pain during the procedure. I'm so happy to say, for two weeks, I
needed no pain medication before my permanent fillings were put in.

Teresa S

Thank you for a super job on my two Root Canals. Dr. Forbes and his staff are truly exceptional. Every part of my visit was congenial, professional, and they made this experience outstanding.

Dale L.

For my 1 st experience of a Root Canal I could almost say it was a pleasure. From the pleasant hassle free chat with Cindy to making the appointment, through the near painless procedure with the very competent staff. I was very surprised that a dreaded Root Canal was not so bad. Dr. Forbes was remarkable throughout, with a positive follow up. Thanks!

Curtis P.

An old Root Canal, with a “Silver point” developed a fistula, which is a serious dental
problem. I was advised to have this tooth Extracted. This sounded like a pretty drastic solution,
considering that it was one of my top front teeth! So, I sought the opinion of Dr. Forbes. He told
me that he would like to try to save my tooth by removing the old silver point, and refilling the
cavity. I decided to take this opinion. It was a lengthy procedure but completely painless. Dr.
Forbes is a gentle and skilled Endodontist, who put me at ease immediately. Dr. Forbes not only
saved my tooth, but also saved me additional dental costs and trauma. I highly recommend
Root Canal treatment with Dr. Forbes. Many thanks to him and to all his friendly staff.

Anne B.

"My first experience with Forbes Endodontics was nothing short of great! I went in for a root canal and the staff was super accommodating, making me feel comfortable straight away. They asked how I was doing and offered me water. The procedure itself went smoothly, and once the numbness wore off it didn%u2019t hurt at all! No pain medication needed here! Thank you Forbes Endodontics team!"
Debbie L.

"Dr. Forbes is absolutely Amazing!!! I had a surgery procedure. I felt no pain with the injection, during the surgery and after surgery. Dr. Forbes has a kind heart filled with compassion for his patients. He and his staff treat you like family. I am so grateful to have him as my Endodontist. No worries here! He is the BEST! Thank you Dr. Forbes and Staff!"
Pam G.

"Dr. Forbes & Staff-
It was a wonderful experience. The attitude of everyone was "super".

Thank you ever so much!"

Camille A

I was Referred by Dr Miller. No problems, no fuss, no bothers…Just expertise and the highest professionalism. Root Canals are mean strangers. Mine was put away quick and painlessly with no discomfort. I recommend Dr Forbes and his super impressive staff always and any time.

Great news for all of us searching for an excellent Endodontist. Don't put it off any longer. It may only get worse. I was very fortunate in my search when I found Forbes Endodontics in New Port Richey. I've had multiple procedures performed by Dr. Forbes and I'm very impressed and feel very fortunate that I decided to go there. You will be astonished as I was at the excellent work performed with no pain or discomfort. I no longer associate Endodontics e.g., Root Canal etc. with pain and discomfort. Dr. Forbes and his caring staff are an outstanding group ready to serve your needs.

Lee C.

Facility is clean and modern with all the proper equipment.
My root canal repair wasn't fun but at least I felt secure that all the staff knows what the are doing. The results were very good.

Tom T

“Very welcoming staff and office. Dr. Forbes and his staff put me at ease, thoroughly explained the procedure in terms I was able to understand (without all the technical jargon). They made me comfortable – both physically and mentally. Would highly recommends Dr. Forbes”

Cynthia W

“Mi testimonio en Forbes, estoy muy agradecida por su atencion desde que se entra se sienta un ambiente coordial, las recepcionistas te atienden amablemente, el Dr. te explica detalladamente el procedimiento que aplicara en tu diente y su asistente te da confianza, su trato es amigable y es bilingue. Satisfecha con el trabajo que me hicieron. Muy recomendable”

Translation: “My experience at Forbes Endodontics: I am very grateful for the attention I received as soon as I entered the office. There was a welcoming atmosphere, the receptionists attend you kindly, and the doctor explains in detail the procedure that will apply to your tooth. My assistant, was bilingual, she gave me confidence and was very friendly. I am satisfied with the work they did to me.
I highly recommend Forbes Endodontics”

Flor F.

I recently had an appointment to have Dr. Forbes perform a root canal on one of my
teeth. Needless to say I was really nervous, but Dr. Forbes and his staff were really wonderful in
keeping me relaxed. After administering the pain medication, it was PIECE OF CAKE and I no
longer will be nervous if I should ever need another on- PIECE OF CAKE.

Dolores D.

Dr Forbes is one of the finest Doctors I've ever came to. With his lovely smile
and personality, I was relieved and had no fear at all! He provided painless dentistry.
Madi & Aralis, his assistants were awesome!

Lois K

Great Job! Swift, Painless, No after problems. Many Thanks!

Ann M.

I was very happy with the work done on my root canal. I had no problems afterwards and the staff was very helpful. I was happy with everyone that helped complete the procedure. Everything was successful!

Mel H

“I was told I needed a root canal and my thoughts were of the stories heard from others who had the procedure done. Needless to say I ender went the procedure with much trepidation and came out with the feeling of relief that it was handled professionally with consideration of any discomfort that I had anticipated. Thank you Dr. Forbes!”

Grace L

"I was very comfortable with my whole experience. I would definitely recommend this office, from the front desk to Dr. Forbes and his assistants."
~Linda K

I'm so pleased that I went to Forbes Endodontics to have my root canal done..Dr.Forbes and his assistant did a great job, and his front end ladies are the best!!!

Susie D..

"I though that a Root Canal was worse than swallowing glass! Not Bad at all. Staff was wonderful, Dr Forbes couldn't have been more empathetic. Brett is a great assistant."

Appointments were timely! Payments were painless! Thank You!

Joe L.

“Dr. Forbes is a very caring, gentle dentist. I’ve never met anyone who
looks forward to a root canal, but Dr. Forbes made it a painless, quick and
successful procedure. His team is very caring and knowledgeable. I have no
problem referring anyone to Dr. Forbes.”
-Jean P.

"Dr Forbes is an excellent surgeon and explains everything in detail. The staff is very friendly and are willing to help as much as possible."

Charles G.

"Very Satisfied with my visit- NO PAIN!!"

John C.

"Thank you Dr Forbes and his entire staff for the care given during my recent Root Canal procedure. I was treated with the utmost consideration and kindness, putting me at complete ease from the first consultation appointment to my final appointment."

Robert R.

“My experience with Dr. Forbes and his staff was excellent. Dr. Forbes
explained, in detail, all of my treatment options, so that I was able to make an
informed decision. The Doctor, his assistants & support staff are kind and truly
accommodating. I would recommend Forbes Endodontics to anyone needing
-Marsha F.

"I want to thank Dr Forbes and Personnel for being nice and concerned about me when I was terrified of having the my first Root Canal. Thank god is was amazing and painless, the surgery took less time that I expected. Next time I would be less scared."

Thank you again Dr Forbes!

Flory K

"Excellent Service, Very Professional, Friendly staff."

Janet B.

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