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Here's what members of our community are saying about Forbes Endodontics...

Dr Forbes is one of the finest Doctors I've ever came to. With his lovely smile
and personality, I was relieved and had no fear at all! He provided painless dentistry.
Madi & Aralis, his assistants were awesome!

Lois K

Great Job! Swift, Painless, No after problems. Many Thanks!

Ann M.

I was very happy with the work done on my root canal. I had no problems afterwards and the staff was very helpful. I was happy with everyone that helped complete the procedure. Everything was successful!

Mel H

“I was told I needed a root canal and my thoughts were of the stories heard from others who had the procedure done. Needless to say I ender went the procedure with much trepidation and came out with the feeling of relief that it was handled professionally with consideration of any discomfort that I had anticipated. Thank you Dr. Forbes!”

Grace L

"I was very comfortable with my whole experience. I would definitely recommend this office, from the front desk to Dr. Forbes and his assistants."
~Linda K

I'm so pleased that I went to Forbes Endodontics to have my root canal done..Dr.Forbes and his assistant did a great job, and his front end ladies are the best!!!

Susie D..

"I though that a Root Canal was worse than swallowing glass! Not Bad at all. Staff was wonderful, Dr Forbes couldn't have been more empathetic. Brett is a great assistant."

Appointments were timely! Payments were painless! Thank You!

Joe L.

“Dr. Forbes is a very caring, gentle dentist. I’ve never met anyone who
looks forward to a root canal, but Dr. Forbes made it a painless, quick and
successful procedure. His team is very caring and knowledgeable. I have no
problem referring anyone to Dr. Forbes.”
-Jean P.

"Dr Forbes is an excellent surgeon and explains everything in detail. The staff is very friendly and are willing to help as much as possible."

Charles G.

"Very Satisfied with my visit- NO PAIN!!"

John C.

"Thank you Dr Forbes and his entire staff for the care given during my recent Root Canal procedure. I was treated with the utmost consideration and kindness, putting me at complete ease from the first consultation appointment to my final appointment."

Robert R.

“My experience with Dr. Forbes and his staff was excellent. Dr. Forbes
explained, in detail, all of my treatment options, so that I was able to make an
informed decision. The Doctor, his assistants & support staff are kind and truly
accommodating. I would recommend Forbes Endodontics to anyone needing
-Marsha F.

"I want to thank Dr Forbes and Personnel for being nice and concerned about me when I was terrified of having the my first Root Canal. Thank god is was amazing and painless, the surgery took less time that I expected. Next time I would be less scared."

Thank you again Dr Forbes!

Flory K

"Excellent Service, Very Professional, Friendly staff."

Janet B.

Jan 27, 2017,

I am sure there are many people like myself, the words root canal makes you nervous.
I had a root canal 25yrs ago and still have that tooth? 5yrs ago I needed another, I chose Dr. Forbes for the location.
After the experience I had, I would drive any distance. One year ago an x-ray showed a problem with that tooth. Dr Forbes took a 3-D-xray. Saw the problem. He had to remove the tooth, take the bottom of the root off? And replace it, now I was really nervous
I didn't want to loose the tooth so I had to give it a try. It was so pain free that I didn't know he had the tooth out.
I heard him working on the tooth a few feet away. He replaced the tooth asked me to bite down for a few minutes.
I was not to chew in it for ? 3 weeks, then take it easy. 1 year later my x-rays show all is well.

I want to keep my teeth as long as I can, why this happened I don't know but I am happy with the results.
When you walk in, everyone is so friendly you feel relaxed and glad you are there.

Leona Z.

Jan 18th, 2017. Amazing staff and Great service. My experience at Forbes Endodontics was awesome!!! I would recommend and refer them to anybody in need of a root canal. Great work Dr. Forbes and staff "helping people like me maintain beautiful smiles." Thank you

Donovan Martin




In this hustle and bustle world most of us do not take a few minutes to extend our appreciation for a job well done, which exceeded our expectations of a "No PAIN INVOLVED" root canal. Dr. Forbes 3D imagery pin pointed the abscessed tooth immediately and Dr. Forbes performed the root canal. Dr. Forbes goes a step further of including zinc oxide in his cement to insure a tight seal of which bacteria will not enter the root canal area of extraction.

Dr. Forbes and his staff sat knee to knee with the patient to answer all questions. The staff is definately the wind beneath his wings as their professionalism was unsurpassed by any other facility we have previously visited. Linda the office manager was exceptional in every way to help with paperwork and insurance needs and answer all of our questions. The staff and this exceptional Endodontist should be mentioned in the FORBES MAGAZINE. I will refer every patient I meet as well as every Dentist in the area to this wonderful facility. Thank you.


All the staff at Forbes Endodontics are kind, courteous, & bubbly. Dr. Forbes service was excellent and does a great job! The outcome was much better than the pain I experienced before the treatment. I would recommend Dr. Forbes to everyone in need of a Root Canal.

 Duane A

Great man, and dentist and the crew he has working for him are so pleasant. It made going to dentist a nice and comfortable experience recommend to all. The hallmark of endodontics when you care for the very best.

Vicki Seebold

Here is some great news!

If you need an Endodontist with gentle hands and a pain free experience, Dr. Forbes is your choice. My root canal was a great experience with no pain, what so ever. It was done in two stages with great success. You will only bless Dr. Forbes and his team for a job well done.

God bless him.

Angie P

"I commend you for your dedication to your is obvious you are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people you serve."

Pasco County Sheriff...

"The doctor was excellent, and I just have to tell you how fantastic two of his assistants were."

Mrs. E. Taylor

"I would return here for care anytime.  Dr. Forbes performed my root canal perfectly."

R. Carpenter

"I've been telling everyone how quick, painless and great my root canal treatment was.  In fact, it was above my highest expectations."

Mr. J. Morris

"I am sorry I am such a bad patient.  You all were great and I did not feel any pain."

Mrs. A. Franceschina

"Thank you for the prompt attention to my problem."

Mr. G. Steggles

"My treatment was excellent.  You have a very good assistant."

Mr. R. Ziegler

"Thank you for making it so comfortable for me."

Mrs. M. Caruso

"Thank you!  You all and Dr. Forbes are the BEST!"

Ms. D. Alaimo

"I was treated as if I were a best friend or sister.  Dr. Forbes-he was amazingly wonderful.  Overall, my experience was a truly  positive one.  Thanks to Dr. Forbes and staff.  Kudos to them all for being so fabulous."

Mrs. A. Cosones

"Excellent, skilled and professional care."

Mr. C. Elliot

"Excellent service!!!"

Mr. J. Phelps

"Best group I have ever been with."

Mr. D. Rowland

"The procedure was not 'terrible' as I'd been lead to think.  Dr. Forbes and assistant were great"

B. Hammond

"Best dental experience I've ever had"

F. Pelt

"Thank you all - you are the best!  Dr. Forbes you are the best!"

D. Alaimo

"Thank you for making it so comfortable for me"

M. Caruso


Doug, Holiday, Florida

Dr. Forbes made me go from  :(  to  :) - He was very nice

Marian, Weeki Wachee, Florida, friendly, thorough -- painless root canal (his assistant was great, too!)  Kudos

Kaye W.

Had to have a root canal and the staff was very professional. Minimal pain and discomfort. Would definitely recommend Dr. Forbes for a root canal.

T. Larsen

Dr. Forbes and his team are experts in providing the highest level of dental care and customer service. Dr Forbes technique is impeccable and the dreaded root canal was virtually painless. I would highly recommend his practice.

Laura Everall RN

Absolutely outstanding professional staff of which took care of me above and beyond the norm.... This office is truly a gem in our community

Tom O'Day

I just got my first root canal done at Forbes Endodontic. I had heard in the past the "horror, painful stories of other people that had the procedure performed. Needless to say, I was very apprehensive & nervous, to put it mildly. I arrived there and Cynthia and Linda received me at the front desk cheerfully, which was very nice. When it was my turn, Rafael took me to the dentist chair and proceeded to have a very light chat with me. Meantime, I was wondering to myself, what is going on here, everybody's so nice. I started to feel a little bit more at ease. Then Dr. Forbes walked in and introduced himself, and with a very assured and comfortable tone started describing what the root canal procedure was and how he was going to perform it based on my X-rays. I told him this was my first one and that I was bit nervous. He then proceeded to numb a bit the area, then follow with the needle anesthesia. His technique for inserting the needle made the process hardly painful. During the root canal procedure. I felt a few pricks when he was creating the canals at the end of the roots and when he was packing in the rubber material. Really unbelievable!!!! I have felt more discomfort at times in the past when I have had dental fillings done. THANKS AGAIN DR. FORBES!!!!:) You are an amazing Endodontist!!


This was not my first root canal, but it was my First with Dr. Forbes and his staff. Dr. Forbes and his staff's professional expertise and gracious kindness was a wonderful experience. On behalf of myself and my spouse, I want to thank each and every one of you from front desk to technician, you are a wonderful professional team. Thank You again!

Mr. William F.

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